The Other Passenger = L’Altro Passeggero

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Preview Antonino Mazza TheOtherPassenger bilingualEnglishItalian TransVerse 2013 copy

The Other Passenger = L’altro Passegero (fiction with the poem Self-portrait/Autoritratto) by Antonino Mazza. Ottawa – Toronto: Trans-Verse Books, 2013, $10.00.

Immigrant Songs

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Immigrant Songs, the poems, fiction and letters of Saro D’Agostino, Collected, edited and with an introduction by Antonino Mazza. Toronto: Quattro Books, 2012, $15.95.

Immigrant Songs adds a fresh voice to the Canadian cultural mosaic.” Emma Paling, The Charlatan

Urban Harvest = Raccolta Urbana

Mazza Antonino Urban Harvest Raccolta urbana Book cover Trans-Verse Books isbn 0-921710-10-0 copy

Urban Harvest = Raccolta Urbana (fiction) by Antonino Mazza. Ottawa – Toronto: Trans-Verse Books, 2004, $10.00.

La nostra casa è in un orecchio cosmico

Antonino Mazza La nostra casa è in un orecchio cosmico Monteleone Editore

Antonino Mazza, La nostra casa è in un orecchio cosmico. Traduzione di Rosamaria Plevano. Vibo Valentia: Monteleone editore 1998, Euro. 10.

“Da poeta di provenienza culturale italiana e di lingua inglese si abita per se nella soglia. Si scrive nella soglia. Ma scrivere nella soglia per Antonino Mazza vuol dire … scrivere <<dall’interno del progetto>> di rinnovamento per andare a scoprire la parola che abita la parola.” in Avanti, luglio 18, 2003, di Gino Chiellino, Augsburg, Repubblica Federale Tedesca.

The City Without Women

Mario Duliani & Antonino Mazza The City Without Women Mosaic Press

The City Without Women, The Internment Of Italian Canadians During WWII, by Mario Duliani. Translated with an Essay by Antonino Mazza. Toronto-New York: Mosaic Press, 1994, $ 15.95.

“What if Canada went to war against Britain? Would our government designate all new Canadians of British ancestry “enemy aliens”? Could such British Canadians be trusted to do the right thing, to defend our dominion? Or would we be justified in suspending their civil liberties, photographing them, fingerprinting them, insisting that they report their movements to the RCMP? Should we, arbitrarily, arrest white Anglo-Saxon males, without warrants, and intern them indefinitely at Petawawa without laying charges? Just a thought – but such idle fantasies put in perspective Canada’s lamentable treatment of Canadians of  Italian descent during the Second World  War.” from The Lamentable Internment Of Italian Canadians by Mark Thompson in The Globe and Mail, Saturday, April 9, 1994  C19

Pier Paolo Pasolini: Poetry

Pier Paolo Pasolini & Antonino Mazza Poetry Exile Edition

Pier Paolo Pasolini: Poetry, Selected and Translated with an Afterword, by Antonino Mazza. Toronto: Exile Editions, 1991. $ 16.95

 “Mazza deserves praise for producing a representative sample of Pasolini’s later poetry.” JOHN P. WELLE, University of Notre Dame

“This selection of later poems is written in a language that flits between political rhetoric and bawdy lyricism. Such a range of styles, which is also present in Theorem [see entry 9251], represents a problem for the translator. Mazza solves it by emphasizing the earthy quality of Pasolini’s poetry[.]” Review by Patrick McCarthy, Times Literary Supplement — 9143 —

Twentieth-Century Italian Literature in English Translation AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, 1929-1997 By Robin Healey Toronto Italian Studies – University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 1998 -World Rights – 635 Pages Reviews

The Way I Remember It

Mazza Antonino The Way I Remember It Guernica Edition

Antonino Mazza, The Way I Remember It. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 1992. $10.00 Google Book Previews Google Book Previews

“Given the condition which is common to all artists today, the postmodern condition, which we might describe as essentialized in life in the metropolis, I see in Antonino Mazza a certain joyous strategy, in his very conscious understanding of his use of ethnicity as a way of interpreting, and even as a way of stepping out of the postmodern condition.”  William Boelhower, CBC Anthology

The First Paradise, Odetta…

The First Paradise Odetta...

The First Paradise, Odetta… is a long poem taken from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s novelTeorema. Pasolini is primarily known as a film maker. However, there is an awakening interest in him as an important poet, scholar and novelist. Poet Antonino Mazza translated the poem into English. He is one of a handful of scholars who believe that the creative genius of Pasolini should reach a wider readership.

This book is designed on a quarto format (9 X 12) with the original Italian and the English translation on facing pages. Included in the book is a powerful introductory poem Homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini by Antonino Mazza. Bodoni types are impressed into dampened St. Armand acid-free handmade paper using brown ink. The use of chocolate brown ink and the Bodoni types impart the important but gentle voice of the poem spoken to Odetta, explaining the effects of Catholicism on a middle-class girl.

The verbal aesthetics are heightened by six reduction soft blocks rendered in warm yellows and oranges. These images, created by Hugh Walter Barclay, provide a visual metamorphosis that complements the text. Three-dimensional cast paper replicas of a bronze medal created by Italian sculptor Luciano Ceschia to commemorate Pasolini’s death are set into the interiors of the cover boards. Dark brown end papers carry a watermark “PPP 85″ to honour the tenth anniversary of Pasolini’s death. Handmade Japanese Sugiaya is used to cover the boards. When tilted, this overlaid paper creates the illusion of three-dimensional peaks and valleys upon which the title appears to float. Pasolini was bipolar and wrote on the peaks not the valleys. Because of Pasolini’s communist affiliations, the text is biased slightly to the left.

Binding of this book was completed by Emrys H. Evans of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto.

The launching of the book took place at the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto on February 3, 1986. One hundred and fifteen numbered copies were offered for sale, and some are still available. (Update July 2012 – only one copy left)

Numbers will be assigned as orders are received. Should you wish to purchase a copy, please send a cheque or purchase order for $200.00 to:

Thee Hellbox Press, 241 Glengarry Road, Kingston, ON K7M 3J6

The Bones Of Cuttlefish

Eugenio Montale & Antonino Mazza The Bones of Cuttlefish Mosaic Press

Eugenio Montale, The Bones of Cuttlefish, trans by Antonino Mazza. Toronto-New York: Mosaic Press, 1983, $15.95

“The first book of Montale’s poems is one of the greatest of modern poetry. Its place is just next to Alfred Prufrock and Other  Observations, The Elegies of DuinoSigne ascendant by André Breton and other important books of poetry of the twentieth century. Although it has been translated into English at various occasions, Antonino Mazza’s translation should be recognized as one of the best. Mazza has been translating Montale for some years. This choice would seem to be a matter of faithfulness to the voice whose language, also Mazza’s mother’s tongue is Italian, with all its musical, rhythmical, incantatory and lexical implications.”  From The Introduction “The Voice of the Poet and the Fermenting Sea” by Wladimir Krysinski


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