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IDEOLOGIE E PASSIONI: Alberto Moravia su Pier Paolo Pasolini
Interview with Alberto Moravia di Antonino Mazza 
Rozmowa z Jerzym Kosińskim przez Antonino Mazza 


Pier Paolo Pasolini: Poetry. Edited and translated by Antonino Mazza. Toronto: Exile Editions, 1991. Pp. xvi, 144.

by JOHN P. WELLE, Quaderni d’ITALIANISTICA, University of Toronto 

“Antonino Mazza has produced effective versions of some of Pasolini’s most interesting poems from the late 1950s through the early 1970s. He has structured his selections in four parts, which are preceded by Pasolini’s preface, “To the New Reader,” and followed by an Appendix (a rambling Pasolinian meditation on “History”), as well as by an Afterword by the translator. Here Mazza offers the following rational for his selections: “The sequence follows a dense itinerary that focuses on revealing Pasolini’s prophetic strategy, its advent, its evolution, and its originality and efficacy, in the context of the mnemic civil world in which we live” (133).

“While the translator’s claim to reveal a Pasolinian “prophetic strategy” may seem unconvincing to some readers, the high quality of the individual translations more than compensates for the book’s tenuous continuity. In such poems as “To a Pope,” “Rage,” and “Ballad of the Mothers,” Mazza’s translations convey the energetic charge of Pasolini’s moral indignation. Mazza’s “Desperate Vitality” reaches the highest standard possible in translation as it seems to improve upon the original poem.

JOHN P. WELLE, University of Notre Dame


 I AM A FORCE FROM THE PAST … More Modern than All The Moderns…

Sky Gilbert in conversation with Antonino Mazza


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