Pier Paolo Pasolini: Poetry by Antonino Mazza, Times Literary Supplement

PASOLINI, Pier Paolo [Poems. Selections] Poetry. Pier Paolo Pasolini: selected and translated, with an afterword, by Antonino Mazza Toronto: Exile Editions, 1991. [4], v-xvi,1-144 pp.

Mazza’s translation of “Il Primo Pradiso, Odetta,” from

Teorema, included here, was first published in a limited

edition commemorating the tenth anniversary of Pasolini’s death by

Thee Hellbox Press (see entry 8532). The reviewer of [Pier Paolo Pasolini] Poetry for

the Times Literary Supplement, Patrick McCarthy, noted: This

selection of later poems is written in a language that flits be-

tween political rhetoric and bawdy lyricism. Such a range of

styles, which is also present in Theorem [see entry 9251],

represents a problem for the translator. Mazza solves it by

emphasizing the earthy quality of Pasolini’s poetry … (Cont’d) 9143

Twentieth-Century Italian Literature in English Translation AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, 1929-1997 By Robin Healey Toronto Italian Studies – University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 1998 -World Rights – 635 Pages Reviews


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